Aged Metal Bird Feeder

Type: Bird Feeder

Vendor: Fallen Fruits

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A rustic and beautiful bird feeder made from aged metal with a gorgeous patina finish. This is exactly the kind of special bird feeder you’re going to love installing in your garden and watching the birds from the comfort of your home for hours and hours at a time.

Key features:

  1. Decorative bird feeder ideal for use with bird seed
  2. Contains a hook to hang on branches or on a wall bracket
  3. Size: 40cm high x 20cm diameter (approx)

This aged metal bird feeder is the type of bird feeder that immediately draws the attention of not only your favourite feathered friends in the community, but also the attention of your friends and neighbours as well!

Stunning across the board, but still very simple and almost minimalist in nature, this metal bird feeder is just as durable as it is attractive and suitable for staying outside all year. You’ll be able to rely on this bird feeder for many years and should provide you and your family with hundreds of hours of bird watching opportunities.

The actual “feed deck” itself is somewhat oversized and perfectly flat, with enough space for birds to hook their feet into while they eat. This makes the dinner setting of this aged metal bird feeder comfortable for birds of all shapes and sizes, and is even quite inviting for small animals like squirrels that might be looking for a tasty treat every now and again as well.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a fun, whimsical, and attractive aged metal bird feeder that also gets the job done as far as providing all of your avian friends with more than enough food any time they’d like to stop in for a bite, then look no further. 

It really doesn’t get too much better than this!

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