Valentine's Day Garden Gifts

Are you looking for something different to give this Valentine’s Day?

Bored of receiving and giving the same chocolate, flowers and wine that doesn't last?

Then look no further than our range of garden gifts which will give the gardener in your life something memorable to cherish forever.

We’ve got it covered for him, her, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives.

For him, we would recommend the Folding Pocket Secateurs or the Seedling Starter Gift Set.

For her, how about the Rosa Chinensis Secateur Gift Set or the Framed Rose Photograph?

For a truly romantic gift, why not Name a Rose after her or Dedicate a Tree to him?

We even have a Secateurs and Trowel and Fork gift set named ‘The Thoughtful Gardener’ which sends the perfect message for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re feeling extravagant and want to get something truly unique, then how about the Bumblebee Hive and Voucher which can be redeemed for a live hive of bees!

You can then enjoy spotting the bees together in the summer as they pollinate your garden!

For something cheesy that will make you both laugh, send the side hug Mr Turf and grow a head full of grass.

It even comes with a comic strip to show the daily life of how Mr Turf woos Mrs Turf!

For the personal touch, we have a choice of 3 vases that can be personalised with names and special messages. 

With so many garden gifts to choose from why not break a habit of a lifetime and buy something special for this Valentines Day?

(P.s. for all of you who were wondering when the special day is - it’s February 14th!! Last order date to guarantee shipping in time is 8th February for standard delivery and 10th February for express delivery.