Tidy & Organised Garden Gifts

"A place for everything, everything in its place" - Benjamin Franklin.

These words could not be more true, so take a look at our fantastic range to help you keep your garden tidy and organised.  

During the winter months we start to tidy the garden ready for spring but we often end up bringing mud into the house from the bottom of our boots.

Our cast iron boot rack and wooden boot jack help to remove muddy boots and scrape excess dirt away.

Boots can then be easily stored on our large or small cast iron boot racks which are great for airing and drying out boots.

Greenhouse storage tins and baskets are ideal for gardeners who like to keep their items tidy and portable.

Store twine, labels, tools and garden paraphernalia in one place which can be carried to areas in the garden. 

If you prefer to carry your tools with you whilst protecting your clothes, our garden tool apron is the perfect option for you. 

Allotment owners who need to carry tools and lunch around can make good use of our tool and tuck boxes, which are available in burgundy or petrol blue.

Don’t forget to think about our garden friends when you’re tidying the garden; they need leaves and natural debris to build homes.

To help protect them in the winter, view our range of wildlife houses.