Burgon and Ball Mini Thorn Strippers

Imagine this scene - you're in the garden admiring your roses and want to pick them to display indoors. You go to cut the roses and try to arrange them into a vase but the thorns still find a way through your gloves and you cut your hands.  

With the mini thorn strippers at your disposal, you can strip the thorns and/or leaves off by simply pulling the tool along the stem. The sharpened inner edge helps remove thorns cleanly and quickly.   

These mini thorn strippers are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be at your beck and call anytime. 

A must have for any rose grower!

Manufactured by Burgon and Ball these make a great gift and were a finalist for 2015 in Gift of the Year award.

Type: Equipment

Vendor: Burgon and Ball

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