Eco Friendly Garden Gifts

In an ever conscious society, the need to be eco-friendly has become an important part of life.

Everyone can do their bit for the environment and as a collective we can make a difference.

Composting has been a recognised practice since the early Roman Empire.

It follows the basic principle of creating a heap of green waste and waiting for the materials to break down.

Food from the kitchen such as egg shells, tea bags and vegetable peelings can all be composted to provide food for the garden.

Our indoor compost bin is perfectly sized for the kitchen and is stylishly designed to have out on display.

It comes with compostable bin liners which can be placed directly on the compost heap for a clean, no-mess approach. 

Plastic pots are starting to become a waste problem in our gardens so why not try and make your own out of old newspapers?

Our solid oak paper pot maker is an easy, economic and environmental way to make your own pots. 

As well as helping to reduce waste you can also buy gifts for the garden which have been made from recycled materials.

Our recycled clocks, sundials, plant pot holders and bird feeders are all made from 100% recycled plastic, including plant pots, coffee cups or car batteries.  

For something really different and novel, why not buy a holster and plant pot made from recycled tyres?