Birds & Wildlife

With an estimated 16 million gardens in the UK, we have a larger impact on wildlife then you might think.

Hedgehogs, sparrows, song thrushes and stag beetles are all under threat in the UK. 

By providing care for our garden friends you can help protect their habitats and encourage breeding for species which are beneficial to your garden such as birds, bees, insects and hedgehogs. 

Bird nesting houses help provide birds a place to nest and are an excellent substitute for holes found in old trees, which are often missing in gardens.

Choose from nesting houses for small birds such as members of the Tit Family, Tree Sparrows and Pied Flycatchers to nesting houses for bigger birds such as Robins and Wrens.

Over half of adults in the UK feed birds in their garden and help birds survive food shortages all year round.

Keep up the good work with our selection of bird feeders which include apple feeders, fat ball feeders and traditional peanut feeders.

Make a difference to the UK’s wildlife by attracting them into the garden and protecting their natural habitats.

Choose from insect hotels, bee nesting boxes and hedgehog houses.

You can even buy a live hive of bumblebees to help pollinate the garden and provide them with a safe and secure home.