Christmas Gift Guide - Best Garden Gifts For Him

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Garden Secret Gifts

With Christmas fast approaching, it's a good time to start shopping for your favourite gardener. After all the hours he's put into mowing, weeding, planting and watering, you're sure to strike gold when you buy him any of these gardening gifts. They're a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for his hard work.

1. Eco Horizontal Sundial

Come rain or shine, it'll tell the time! This sundial adds a bit of charm to your garden with its quality slate like appearance. The next time he's tending the plants, he'll spot this ancient time-telling device and instantly think of your thoughtfulness.

2. Love the Glove – Denim

Say goodbye to pricked fingers and sore green thumbs with this durable glove set. Both fashionable and functional, these gloves will let him garden in total comfort without wearing down his hands.

3. Personalised Slate Garden Sign

Welcome visitors to your garden space with style! This sturdy slate sign shows just whose hard work created such a masterpiece. Men love putting their names on things, and this sign is no exception!

4. Seed Packet Organiser

Anything that helps stash the clutter away is a gift well given. This handy organiser takes the fuss out of sorting through a pile of seed packets and spilling them as you go. It's like a recipe holder for your garden!

5. Folding Pocket Secateurs

The convenience this little tool provides is unrivalled. No longer will he have to worry about losing his prized pruning tool amongst long stretches of vegetables; these secateurs will be close at hand, right in his pocket!

6. Robin Fence Post Finial

The watchful eye of this delightful robin will make your gardening guy feel all warm and cosy inside even in dreary, chilly weather. With the sun shining through its sharp eye and illuminating its steel frame, this Robin sentinel is your gardening angel.

7. Bee Nesting House


A healthy garden needs happy bees! Provide shelter for your buzzing friends with this nesting house. The honeycomb design will make them feel right at home when they return from pollinating your Buddleias. 

8. Paper Pot Maker


Yesterday's newspaper is tomorrows gardening pot with this clever gift idea. Aside from saving him money on expensive garden pots, he'll be able to grow them in an eco-friendly pot from leftover tabloids (you'll finally get some use out of those rags!).

9. Cell Tray Trowels

Transplanting seedlings is a breeze with these perfectly-sized trowels. Made to fit into the tiniest of seedling cells, the usually fumbling task of transplanting becomes as easy as popping an ice cube from the tray.

10. Cushioned Knee Pads

Sore knees are a gardener's worst enemy. As tough as he looks, all the hours of weeding and raking can take a toll on his knee joints. Let him garden in comfort with these cushioned knee pads.

Need more gift ideas? Make sure to check out our full selection of gardening gifts and tools for your green-thumbed friends.

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