Collecting Seeds - Share, Store and Sow

Posted on September 18, 2014 by Hannah Gayler

It is that time of year when all the flowers start to die down in the garden and we can go around collecting seeds.

This is my first year of having a go at collecting seeds and I can’t wait to sow them in spring.

It will be exciting to see if they grow and whether or not they are going to be the same as the parent plant.

This year I have taken seeds from all our aquilegia plants in the garden as I love them so much.

I have cut the flower heads into a large envelope (don’t forget to label) and allowed them to dry.

Once they are ready I will separate them from any seed heads that are still attached and store in one of our Seed Storage Envelopes.

Aquilegia’s are very easy to propagate as they self seed themselves easily in the garden without any help.

However, other seeds may need extra treatment before sowing so always best to look them up in garden books.

Why not share some of the seeds you collect with your friends so you can all have a go at growing something different next year?

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